best turkish restaurants

Those who have any experience of London, or the UK on the whole, will know of the ubiquity of Turkish food on high streets from Truro to Stornoway. Via the means of the doner kebab, Turkish cuisine has entered the UK’s consciousness as the ideal after-pub street food, but these high street staples are often inconsistent with the real deal.

As London is home to 90% of the UK’s Turkish community, there are restaurants in the capital that blow the usual overcooked meat in a stodgy pitta out of the water. The following are among the best Turkish restaurants in town that you must try once you get to London. Whether you opt for a budget or a high-end option, a private chauffeur can take you there in style.
best turkish restaurants
1. Fez Mangal

A popular Ladbroke Grove grill, Fez Mangal offers the best in delicious simplicity. Tender meats and pillowy breads cooked over roaring flames until charred and irresistible is the long and short of this busy eatery. When combined with the tangy yoghurt dressings, hearty rices and punchy salads, you have a recipe for Turkish perfection.

2. Iznik

Izknik’s comfortable, relaxed feel is a fantastic happy medium between the slightly fast and furious grills dotted around the capital, and the buttoned-down premium restaurants. Based in Islington, Iznik’s husband and wife owners offer Turkish classics with superb execution: think succulent, slow cooked lamb dishes and light, flaky borek, with an extensive wine list to match.

3. Babaji
best Turkish restaurants
Opened by the founder of Wagamamas, Alan Yau, and far, far more enjoyable, this slightly more expensive Soho offering provides dishes that you would never expect to come from a non-Turkish owner. Known especially for its pide – a bread similar to pitta but cooked in a wood-fired oven and strewn with various delicious toppings – you can also expect rich, authentic deserts and efficient service. Great for before or after a West End show.

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4. 19 Numara Bos Cirrik

For a taste of East London’s buzzing nightlife, coupled with some of the best Turkish food available anywhere in the capital, head to 19 Numara Bos Cirrik – a Dalston stalwart that has particular popularity among London’s young, fashionable in-crowd. Expect delicious, flavoursome dips and mezze, with charred, fluffy breads to mop it all up. For added interest, the huge grill is visible to all – allowing you to marvel at the skills of the chefs.

5. Hala

Based in Haringay, North London, Hala is another more relaxed restaurant to while away a lunch or an evening. Colourful dishes and beautifully presented mezze plates provide aesthetic grace to match their vibrant flavours, and the whole fishes and grilled kebab platters aren’t to be missed either.

With so many Turkish restaurants throughout the capital, there’s one for any occasion. To dine in London in style and enjoy the best food the city has to offer, why not having a chauffeur service that could get you quickly to the restaurant and back. The drivers are usually good city guides too.

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