The news to read in the UK

If you’re travelling to the UK, you may be wondering which news outlets and publications are the best to follow for the daily events. After all, with Brexit such a hot topic and the implications of the budding relationship between Teresa May and Donald Trump taking up umpteen column inches alone, there is a great deal to follow and engage with.

Plus, as most people find in London, there is always a conversation to be had about the world events that tend to directly impact England’s capital city, so it helps to be well informed and ready with your own opinion for the next time you fancy chatting current events over a coffee or beer!

The BBC news website is a great choice for keeping up to speed with news as it happens. Unbiased and proud to uphold the purest journalistic principles, the BBC is a brand known across the world for its standards and rigour. Watch it on TV, follow it on your app or view the website for the latest events across all topic areas.

The broadsheets
The Financial Times, or FT, is very commonly seen in the city and the ideal choice for following the markets, the banking industry and other financial news.

The Telegraph is a ‘high end’ broadsheet with excellent journalism, and – like The Times – it is ideal when you have some time to spare and want to relax with a chunky article or two about the week’s more challenging topics. The Guardian is excellent for social and cultural news and has a heavily ‘leftie’ lean – also with great content about renewable energy and other current topics.

The tabloids and middle-market newspapers
The Daily Mail and Express are great reads on the go and incorporate plenty of lifestyle content, and you’ll also find plenty of fun in The Sun and The Mirror. If you are new to the UK or visiting, take a look at what people are reading around you and you’ll find plenty of inspiration and news right at your fingertips!

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