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To many people, London is undoubtedly the greatest city in the world. If you love a good night clubs, it’s hard to beat. Looking for a hot new nightspot? Then read on, as we’re going to go through the top 10 night clubs in the city. Get yourself a London chauffeur and enjoy a killer evening at any of these hot spots:
london night clubs
The Roof Gardens
One of London’s more affluent areas plays host to one of the city’s most prestigious venues. The beautiful botanical gardens regularly host celebs from across London, in a venue that’s both classy and fun. Whether you want a late dinner or just want to dance until the sun comes up, you’ll love The Roof Gardens.

Old Street’s XOYO has been one of London’s hotspots for years now. You’ll find some of the city’s best known DJs here, playing a mix of techno, house and disco. If you’re a fan of clubbing in the classic sense, you should definitely head to XOYO.

If you’re in East London, Cargo is another definite must visit. It’s earned a reputation for hard, late night clubbing, and it’s also got one of the area’s biggest decked gardens, making it ideal for hot summer nights! Top DJs, top music, top atmosphere.

The team behind both XOYO and The Nest took Brixton’s old Plan B night and from the ashes rose the Phonox (please excuse the pun). The night life here’s got everything you want and nothing you don’t, with affordable drinks, one dancefloor and some of London’s best DJs. If you’re in Brixton, take that chauffeured car and get over to Phonox. You’ll love it.

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The Grand
Clapham’s ex-theatre is one of London’s most atmospheric venues, and one that you should definitely check out. There are club nights on every weekend and the crowd is always a brilliant mix of people. Prices on drinks are great, and the music’s all about big beats.

The Nest
We briefly mentioned the nest above, but it’s worth re-emphasising! One of the best nights out in the East End, The Nest is affordable, has an ace sound system, superb lighting and regularly brings in the best DJs from around the world. Another no-brainer venue when it comes to clubbing in London.

Ministry of Sound
One of the biggest names in London night clubs unsurprisingly offers one of the best nights out. Elephant and Castle’s finest evening out offers everything you could possibly want: killer tunes, killer sound system, a range of rooms playing different styles and one hell of an atmosphere. A great club everyone should visit at least once.

Now back to its best after re-opening early this year, Fabric offers a number of different rooms with different dancefloors, all open until the early morning. The club definitely gets busy – it’s got a serious reputation – and the drinks are pricier than some, but if you’ve got the money to spend and you want to enjoy a night partying, Fabric is hard to beat.

Camden’s finest is both a brilliant live music venue and a brilliant club. Nights out vary in terms of music: you can enjoy everything from classics to rock. Drinks prices are fairly high, and the venue gets crowded, but in terms of atmosphere the Koko is hard to beat, the old theatre venue setting it apart from other London night clubs. Get in the chauffeured car and get to Camden!

Head to King’s Cross for four rooms of killer tunes and a brilliant atmosphere that many people consider to be the best club in London. A number of the world’s finest DJs have tread the boards at Egg, and techno fanatics continue to flock there every single weekend.

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