While social media has improved communication and news distribution across the world no end, it is a sad consequence of the 21st century phenomenon that some users seem intent on being rude to others.

So it comes as welcome news that Twitter is now taking steps to address the problem. Unveiled by Ed Ho, their Vice President of Engineering, the social media network has announced it is introducing a filter which will be able to detect and exclude abuse. Twitter labels Tweets of this nature ‘low quality’, and its new ability to keep them out of the replies to Tweets should go a long way to deterring the ‘trolls’ who persist on targeting certain individuals with mindless comments.

It doesn’t mean the low quality tweets will disappear completely – they will be saved in a section of replies named ‘less relevant replies’, which won’t show in the main feed of replies each user sees after they tweet.

Twitter has confirmed it will be rolling out the new feature over coming weeks – so all the politicians, music stars and sports men and women who are used to seeing rude replies to their tweets can breath a little easier now!

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