What is the London lifestyle like?

As one of the biggest cities on the planet, it may not surprise you that the London lifestyle is somewhat vibrant. Its 14 million inhabitants create an extremely diverse cultural environment and one that’s full of opportunities, be it for leisure or work. Some of these facts about London lifestyle might surprise you.

london lifestyle

London Food

London’s cosmopolitan scene attracts more than 15 million tourists to the English capital every year. For fanatical foodies, London is an absolute haven, with a wealth of cuisines to choose from. Chinatown tends to be a real hit with lovers of Asian cuisine. It’s just a short walk from the West End, which makes for the ideal pre-theatre dinners. There is, of course, an abundance of chain restaurants and a host of popular independents too.

London nightlife

Nightlife is equally varied, with exclusive, lavish nightclubs dotted across the West End. Don’t forget London’s huge pub culture too: it’s very common for pubs to be packed to the rafters at 5.30pm on a Tuesday night as the office workers file out after a busy day. Londoners are keen on pub crawl which usually sees a group of men and women hitting the street with drinks and making storm in every pubs they enter. Getting on a luxury chauffeur to some secret guest list bars is really a thing when it comes to London lifestyle. In order to enter the club, you need to be in the guest list.

London architecture

But what really sets London apart from so many other cities across the world is the way it merges its quintessentially English heritage with today’s cutting-edge 21st-century infrastructure. In fact, London is home to no less than four World Heritage Sites including the Tower of London and The Palace of Westminster. No other city does pomp and ceremony quite like London; but the way it fuses its immense history with high-tech developments such as the Old Street roundabout – home to none other than Google – ensures that London remains at the forefront of global industry.

London Parks

And for those that desperately need some downtime after rubbing shoulders with the hordes of Oxford Street shoppers, there’s plenty of greenery to explore too. From Hyde Park to Regent’s Park, from Clapham Common to Hampstead Heath, there’s some wonderful scenery in London for those seeking an altogether different perspective of one of the busiest cities on the planet.

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